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How Many Types Of Fabric Are There?

How Many Types Of Fabric Are There?

Two Type Of Fabrics :

  1. Natural Fabrics
  2. Synthetic Fabrics

Natural Fabric

  1. Cotton Fabric
  2. Silk Fabric
  3. Linen Fabric
  4. Wool Fabric
  • There Are Some Proteins Also Found Inside The Animals From Which we Can Invent Clothes examples include sinew, wool, catgut, silk, angora, mohair, and alpaca.ect
  • And it Is derived From Wool And Hair Animals And Hairy Mammal Like – Lamb Hair, Goat Hair, Horse Hair, Alpheca Hair, And Many Animals.
  • In The Preparation Of Silk Fabric Cocoon, Fabric is Also Invented By Birds And The Feather From Birds Is Very Hot, Making Cloth As Soft As Silk And Extremely Hot 

Mechanical properties of natural fabric

Natural fabric

Synthetic Fabric

  • Acetate Fabric
  • Chiffon Fabric
  • Acrylic Fabric
  • Organza Fabric
  • Synthetic Fibers Are Made By Man Through Chemical Synthesis Unlike Nature Fibers Obtained Directly From Living Living.
  • Synthetic Fibers Are Made From Small Polymer And Materials Used To Make These Fibers Come From Petroleum-Based Chemicals Like Raw Materials. 
  • And Chemical Material is Used To Produce A Variety Of Fibers.

A device for spinning Viscose Rayon dating from 1901

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